His Healthy Basket

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For that special guy, we include healthy and tasty products in His Healthy Basket such as:
Gourmet organic white cheddar cheese popcorn
“Health Mix” – mixed nuts
Low-fat gourmet pretzels
Gourmet “Wisecrackers” – low-fat crackers, with no unhealthy trans fats
Cheddar cheese spread
“Healthy State of Mind” nuts and dried fruit mix
Brent & Sam cookies (they taste great!)
Northwoods shampoo/shower gel – natural oils and botanicals
Northwoods soap – natural oils and botanicals (see above.)
Reusable container (may vary.)

His Healthy Basket Facts
Just for a special guy, we’ve filled a masculine basket with carefully selected products that will help keep him healthy and happy.

Our men’s bath products are all natural and have that smell guys like–woody, not flowery.

There also are gourmet snacks for the munchies–healthy versions that also taste great. AND — it’s on sale!

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