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Get Fit for Fall

Crisp fall days, bright sunshine, less humidity — and the threat of the holiday eating season ahead — these are all reasons for revving up your physical activity. With the start of Daylight Savings Time, the mornings are brighter and more conducive to walking or jogging outside before work or just after the kids are off to school. Biking is especially good this time of the year, too, with views of beautiful fall foliage everywhere.
Here are tips for revving up your Fall fitness:
Don’t hit the snooze.
Instead, set the alarm half an hour early. Just 20-30 minutes of physical activity will rev up your body for the day, consume calories, improve your cardiovascular state, enhance your emotional state of mind and relieve stress.

Layer up.
Wear layers that will keep you warm at the beginning of your activity, and then can be tied around the waist or unzipped as you continue. Moisture-wicking fabrics should be next to your skin. Hint: set out your clothes the night before so you can hit the floor running!

Look for a buddy.
Walking or jogging in the neighborhood? Call a neighbor who might be interested in being a walking partner. You can do the same thing at work for a lunchtime stroll.

Measure it.
Ten thousand steps daily is the benchmark for an “active individual.” Buy an inexpensive pedometer to measure your physical activity, including climbing steps and walking down the hall to the bathroom! Hint: plan ways to get extra steps such as parking the car farther away from shops and walking in place when watching TV.

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