Healthy Breakfast Basket

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The Healthy Breakfast Basket includes items such as:
McCann’s quick cooking Irish oatmeal
Gourmet tea (high in antioxidants)
Brent and Sam’s delicious organic, all natural, no trans fat cookies
Blueberry┬ánut mix — high in antioxidants
Greek yogurt fruit and nut mix
Ceramic mug to enjoy the healthy tea
Reusable basket

The Healthy Breakfast Basket Facts

Ever wonder why the Irish are considered to be so lucky? Maybe it’s because they start out their day with a good, solid breakfast.

That’s why we include traditional Irish oatmeal in our Healthy Breakfast Basket. We know that studies show oatmeal can lower cholesterol. And another study showed that men who ate a diet with high-fiber foods like oatmeal reduced their risk of dying from a heart attack by almost one-third!

Our Healthy Breakfast Basket also includes tea. Researchers have shown that the antioxidants and plant chemicals in green and black tea can reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

And we’ve also added hand-picked wild blueberries or cranberries. Scientists at Tufts University ranked blueberries tops in healthy antioxidant activity, compared with 40 other fruits and vegetables.

Other goodies include scrumptious all-natural cookies.

Slainte! (Irish Gaelic for “to your health.”)

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