Healthy Hannukah Gift Basket

Healthy Hannukah gift
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Healthy Hannukah gift basket– order now!

Your recipient will enjoy a Hannukah (Chunukah) basket packed with a healthful — and fun — gourmet assortment of low-fat gourmet snacks. So that means no more “ho-hum” mass produced baskets that everyone receives year after year! Start the holiday season with healthy treats and promote a happy and healthy New Year.

We will ship to arrive during Hannukah (begins December 2, 2018), so order now!


Healthy Hannukah gift basket — Order now!

Celebrate the beautiful festival of lights with a healthy choice. So that means no high-fat junk food! Your family and friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern about their wellness as they enjoy our super tasty, gourmet foods.

We include these healthy and tasty products:

KIND blueberry and nut bars, gluten-free, non GMO
“Health Mix” nuts/dried fruit mix
NEW! Bryd’s gourmet oatmeal cookies (these taste good!)
Dark chocolate covered raisin and sea salt cashews (high in antioxidants)
Gourmet low fat “wise crackers”
Portlock smoked salmon
Walkers’ gluten-free cookies
Presented in a reusable keepsake basket

Questions or comments? Let us know what you think! And we are happy to answer any questions and work with you on multiple / corporate / health fair orders.

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