Healthy Food Ultra

Large Healthy Holiday Gift Basket The Ultra
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Healthy Food Ultra

Sometimes you want to make an “ultra” statement. What better way to thank a special client or let a friend or family member know how much you care — than with a healthy gourmet gift basket? Our Ultra basket is heaped with tasty goodies that will put a smile on their faces and help keep them fit and healthy.

Show your thoughtfulness with the healthy Ultra Gift Basket!

For your friends or colleagues, we include tasty gourmet treats to help them stay healthy. Our foods are carefully chosen to not only promote wellness, but taste great. As one customer told us, “These baskets have no throwaways!”

Baskets include an assortment of healthy products such as:

Gourmet low-fat popcorn (high in fiber)
Greek yogurt and berries mix*
Blueberry Health nut mix
Bryd’s gourmet Scotch oatmeal cookies, no preservatives (these are GOOD!)
Smoked Pacific Coast wild salmon (not mercury-laced farm-raised.)
Gourmet cranberries or blueberries/cranberries and pecans, smothered in beneficial dark chocolate*
Dipping pretzels (high fiber)
Health Mix nuts dried fruit healthy snack mix
“Finally Natural” no sugar nuts mix
Healthy tea (high in antioxidants)
Gourmet, no trans fat “Wisecrackers”
And more!

Our baskets are overflowing with tasty and healthy products that last for days (and which remind recipients of your thoughtfulness.)

Our healthy baskets have been featured by the New York Post, The Boston Herald, and the Today Show.


Questions or comments? Let us know what you think! And we are happy to answer any questions and work with you on multiple / corporate / health fair orders.

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